Pictures of BEFORE and AFTER TV screen repairs
This page contains pictures of Big Screen TVs with GLARE from factory screen protectors, torn
TV screens, cracked screen protectors, damage from TVs that happened while customers were
moving and more.  
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Is this a mirror or a TV?This 43 Toshiba is
hanging from the ceiling. The customer was
unable to watch TV due to the overwhelming
GLARE from the factory screen protector. The
TV is off and what you see is the reflection of
what is in the customer's room.
This is a 53 Sony with a factory screen protector.
The customer was trying to watch TV during the
day. He was not able to because the factory
screen protector had such terrible reflection that
all he could see was his windows, mini-blinds,
curtains and furniture instead of his TV show.
This is a side view of a cracked factory screen
protector. When a screen protector cracks, the
edges can be VERY sharp.
This is not a safe
situation for children to be around.
This is the front of the TV with the cracked
factory screen protector. You can see the line of
the crack on the left side of the screen
This 50 Toshiba had its fresnal screen scratched
up and lenticular screen (actual TV screen)
torn/shredded while it was in transit to a new
location. The owner tried to tape the screen back
together. We replaced the damaged screens and
installed a Mighty Shield NON-GLARE screen
protector. We also cleaned the 3 lenses that are
inside and the mirror. The lenses had dust on
them and the dust probably contributed to the
bad picture.
This a unique picture of a 56 Panasonic. This TV
did not have a screen protector. The TV was
damaged while it was being delivered upstairs at
the customer's home. The landing hit the corner
of the TV and cracked the fresnal screen (the
inside screen)and damaged the actual TV
screen. The white paint from the landing is visible
on the damaged area.
BEFORE - This is a Sony with a factory
screen protector. All you can see is the
reflection of the living room furniture (The
TV is off).
AFTER -  Same TV with a Mighty Shield
NON-GLARE protective screen. The
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